Bianca likes reality, that she finds in esotericism or with a bit of introspection. Due to living in a dispersed world, chasing puppets, we can discover the truth in magical and dark dimensions, like the ones we keep inside.

Bianca’s dimensions are colourful spaces, colour selection is essential since it has some influence on our mood. The attention given to it depends on some kind of innate predisposition. Bianca feels close to this form of expression, she experiences it with a sense of responsibility. She believes that chromatic choices and the harmony coming from it can contribute to a safe world, to stop it from running without motivation.

“I see everyone running, but where are they going? To their grave?”

She has, at least, stopped and turned to embroidery, a slow process that helps her to meditate. Embroidering takes time and dedication.

It is time spent reflecting, to shed light on the grey areas inside her similar to therapy. Bianca defines her job as “thoughtful art”, which allows you to create a link between the most hidden parts of yourself and those who recognize your creations. Nothing more than a form of communication.

Bianca communicates through symbols, those that belong to the collective imagination and those that are part of her: she transforms her dreams into drawings. “I spend little time interpreting what I give shape to. I deal with my subconscious…”

The technique in her work is a fundamental component but perhaps it is not the determining ingredient. She graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and trained in Renato Di Martino’s studio where she became passionate about the slowness and meticulousness of oil painting.

During the second year of training at the Academy she developed an interest in embroidery and came up with the idea of combining the two techniques. But painting with threads is not just a technique, it’s an instinct, something in which Bianca feels she is guided, almost as if she were responding to a call. It’s such a natural act that it seems inexplicable to her. “When they ask me how I create my pieces, I never know how to answer because my hands have a life of their own, following what I have inside.”

An act that she defines “authentic”.

Authenticity is something she learned during her experience in Chile where she spent one year with Intercultura. She had an experience that has radically changed her mind due to the fact that she was immersed in nature.

“Those places have a very strong energy charge, the atmosphere that you feel is magical, you can feel something that science can not yet explain.”

This seems like the way to reconnect to the secrets of existence, the external ones and those we keep inside us. Who knows how different they are, who knows if discovering an interior landscape is not a universal discovery and vice versa.

What Bianca has discovered is that rejecting certain conventions can be the principle to live a little more consciously, closed into the essence of herself. Rather than approaching more structured professional paths, which would have involved a high rate of competitiveness, Bianca wanted to do something that allows her to always be able to transmit something real, something of herself.

Painting, with threads or brushes, represents something that helps her in being loyal to the magic of life.

The South American experience has also distanced her from the consumption of animal products leading her to develop strong environmental ethics. The fabrics on which she embroiders are all vegan, composed of vegetable fibres, or second-hand fabrics purchased at the markets.

But what matters most is the unique energy that she tries to transmit with her threads. Each design has different, but always positive energy embedded through it.

Bianca seeks light, dealing with herself means having the courage to look at her own fragility to make it shine, to give new perspective that allows you to appreciate full glimpses of life.

Bianca’s world seems, to me, to be based on the logic of an aesthetic that doesn’t deceive you in any shape of form, that doesn’t bend in search of consensus, but opens the doors to those who always feel a little vulnerable.

Following the trail of this beauty, every road is possible, every road is credible, even the one that is written on the palm of your hands.


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